Beetroot Pancakes

Cooking Time: 20 min Preparation Time: 10 min Serves: 4 people
a prepared Beetroot Pancakes meal

3 small whole beetroots, cooked and chopped

50 ml milk

200 g Golden Cloud Self-raising Flour

1 tsp baking powder

2 tbsp maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla extract

3 eggs

25 g butter, melted plus extra for frying

To serve (optional):

200 g frozen mixed berried

2 tbsp blackcurrant jam

100 g Greek yoghurt


  1. Put the beetroot in a jug with the milk and blend with a stick blender until smooth. Pour into a bowl with the rest of the pancake ingredients and whisk until smooth and vibrant purple.

  2. Put a small knob of butter in a large non-stick frying pan and heat over a medium-low heat until melted and foamy. Now create 3 or 4 pancakes each made from 2 tablespoons of the batter. Cook for 2-3 minutes then flip over and cook for a further minute until cooked through. Repeat with any remaining batter. Heat oven to lowest setting and keep the pancakes warm in there until needed.

  3. Serve with your favourite pancake toppings or make a simple compote by simmering frozen berries in with 1 tablespoon blackcurrant jam until bubbling and syrupy (about 5-10 minutes). In a small bowl stir together the remaining jam and the yogurt. Stack the cooked pancakes with the yogurt and pour the warm berry compote over the top.

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