Twitter Taking a Toll on Your Happiness
13 October 2020
Are you feeling a little down every time to open social media? You’re not alone. In this article, we’ll highlight some very important things to remember if your online world is starting to take a toll on your mood and well-being. 

The world online

Something to always remember is that the world you see online is not always real, it’s been curated for likes and follows. It’s usually a stage for people to show their best self. So, don’t compare yourself, it’s unfair and an inaccurate measure.

Happiness offline

Don’t isolate yourself by living your life scrolling through social media. The real thing is always better and will bring you much more happiness. We all have bad days, which is vital to remember and to share with the people you trust around you.

Find a balance

Online or offline, where do you spend your day? It’s all about finding a balance that gives you the most happiness. It’s unrealistic to quit completely, but try to limit yourself where you can.

If you feel a little more upset every time you put your phone down, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your balance. You have one life, make sure it's a happy and balanced one.

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