How to Keep Your Kids Fit at Home
04 November 2020
We know that it’s important to you to create a healthy lifestyle for your little ones. This has been put to the test more than usual as we spend more time at home. Do not fear, Live Well is here. Read our quick tips & tricks on how to keep the whole family active and healthy, at home. 

It’s a kids world

As your little ones develop, their personal preferences and personality do the same. In trying to find an activity for your kids to enjoy, simply asking them is a great place to start. Then, see how you could modify their answer into a game or physical activity to add in an extra dose of fun.

Free play

Take some time every day to encourage your kids to burn calories during free play. This can be any activity, such as tag, lounge dance-offs or garden cricket.

Don’t overcomplicate it

The amazing thing about kids is their imagination. You don’t have to overcomplicate activities with fancy or expensive equipment. Sometimes all you need is a jump rope or a hula-hoop.

Kids do what they see

Children look up to their parents, and often enjoy any activity which involves innocent imitation. Be active together, in the end your kids will love the exercise, but mostly, they’ll love being with you.

Limit the bad stuff

Some activities will be easy to entertain the kids with but will provide no physical benefit. Try to limit (not take away) time spent watching TV, being online, playing video games etc.

As you can see, just because space is limited doesn’t mean physical activity in your family needs to be. Get creative and enjoy moving together.

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